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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the website Please read these terms and conditions carefully. The following terms of use will apply to your use and access to the platform. (As shown below) and using the service

Access to and use of the section that has the protection and / or security code of the platform and / or the use of the service is limited to customers with accounts. You must not use or attempt to access such parts of the platform. This and / or service Or any other information that is protected without permission Through any channels that we do not intend to use for your particular use, violations of this provision may be a violation of the Computer Crime Act, BE 2551 2007 of Thailand


1. Using the service and / or accessing the platform in general

1.1 Guidelines for the use of platforms and / or services: You agree to comply with the notice guidelines. Operational regulations and policies and recommendations regarding the use of services and / or access to the platform including any amendments in what is said to be enforced by us from time to time, we reserve the right to update the notice guidelines. Operational regulations and such policies and recommendations at any time and considered that you have been informed and bound by any changes with the above, when it is published on the platform.

1.2 Prohibited activities you agree and promise not to:

(A) Counterfeit as any person or agency, use false words or deceive themselves in relation to any person or agency

(B) Use a platform or service for unlawful purposes

(C) Trying to access without permission Interfere with or cause the computer system or network to crash

(D) Post, promote or submit any prohibited information through the platform

(E) Interfere with the use of services or services of others

(F) Use or upload any software or data documents that have a reason to suspect that there are viruses, components that are dangerous, may cause the data of the platform to be damaged or faulty

(G) Use the platform or service other than those in accordance with the policy

1.3 Availability of platforms and services:

We may make improvements, suspend or stop the service or remove, whether in whole or in part of any platform or service at certain times. Without any reason or prior notice and without any responsibility if such modifications, suspension or removal will prevent you from accessing the platform or any part of the service

1.4 Rights to monitor content:

We reserve the right, at its sole discretion, but not bound to:

(A) Monitor, monitor, filter or control activities, content or any data documents on the platform

(B) Prevent or restrict access to the platform and / or services of customers

(C) Report any activities that we suspect will violate any laws or regulations to the appropriate authorities and cooperate with such agencies.

(D) Request information and any information from you regarding the use of the service and / or access to your platform if you refuse to provide such information and / or information or you provide information and / or incorrect information Causing misunderstanding or fraud


2. Using the service

2.1 Restrictions: The use of the service will be restricted to customers who are authorized. Which is a person who is mature and has legal ability Customers who have violated or customers who have been suspended from using any services whether permanent or temporary will not be able to use the service

2.2 General conditions of use: You agree

(A) Access and / or use of the service Agree to carry out any activities about service in good faith with legal objectives at all times

(B) ensure that any information or information relating to the services you post or make appear on the platform is correct and does not violate any relevant laws And will be solely responsible for the information and information

2.3 Product description: We do not guarantee that such details will be accurate, current or error-free.

2.4 Price of goods: The prices announced for sale are subject to taxation. Unless otherwise stated otherwise we reserve the right to amend the selling price at any time without giving any reason or prior notice.


3. Customers with accounts

3.1 Username / Password: Some services that may be available on the platform may need to be created with us. The user name and password may be: (1) considered and issued to you by us, or (2) you are the party to and we are approved by the sole discretion

3.2 Claim for use or access: You agree and acknowledge that the use of the service And / or any access to the platform and information, any information or communications that refer to your username and password


4. Intellectual property

4.1 Ownership: Intellectual property in the platform and information documents is proprietary, licensed to or controlled by us. Our licensors or service provider of

4.2 Restrictions: Do not repeat. Reverse engineering, converting, disassembling, disassembling, changing, distributing, republishing, displaying, broadcasting, linking, mirroring, transferring or forwarding in any manner or by any means or stored in the information search system Or installed on a server, system or device without prior written consent from us or from the relevant copyright owner first

4.3 Trademarks: Trademarks to have the meaning as specified in the attachment attached to this contract nothing on the platform and in the terms of use of this service will be interpreted as a license or the right to use whether by default


5. Our Limitation of Liability and Liability

5.1 Non-guaranteed or guaranteed: all information and / or information contained in the service platform or data document is provided for informational purposes only there is no guarantee or guarantee of any kind.

(A) Accuracy, completeness of information And / or information contained in the service platform or data documents

(B) That any service platform or data document is free from errors or omissions or any defects specified will be corrected

(C) Whether the service platform or data documents Free from computer viruses or Code made with malicious intent that causes destruction or cause crashes

5.2 Exemption of Liability: The indemnity shall not be liable to you for any loss or not occurring. (Regardless of the form of action) that occurs directly or indirectly, involves:

(A) Access, use and / or inability to use the platform or service

(B) Trusting any information or information contained in the platform you should not act on such information or information without first verifying the accuracy of the content by yourself.

(C) Server system or any connection, failure, error, drop, crash, delay, computer virus or group of commands Or any other macro Dangerous Cause damage Or cause errors

(D) Use or access to any website or any other web page linked to the platform although we or our staff or agents or employees may be informed or anticipated about the possibility of such matters.

5.3 With your own risk: the risk of misunderstanding, mistakes, damages, expenses or any loss resulting from the use of that platform is entirely at your own risk. And we will not be held liable in such cases

6. Linking, warning and advertising

6.1 Linking: For your convenience we may include links to websites or other content on the Internet that are owned or operated by third parties. The website or content linked to it is not under our control. We will not be liable for errors, delays, delays, defamation, defamation, insulting, deception or consequences of access. Any such linking website and you agree that your use or use of the website or linked content is at your own risk.

6.2 Advertising: We may attach a java applet banner and / or any other information to the platform for the purpose of advertising products. And our services to avoid doubt you are not entitled to receive any fees and / or commissions related to any such advertisements or other publicity information about products and services.


7. Sending your information and information

7.1 Submitting information by you: You give us specific rights to use the information or information you submit in the platform. And / or give to us including but not limited to questions, reviews, comments and suggestions (collectively you must not use a fake email address. Pretending to be a person other than yourself or causing us or a third party to misunderstand the origin of the transmission of information. We may, however, not be obliged to publish, remove or modify your submission


8. Cancellation

8.1 Cancellation by us: by our sole discretion when told to you to have immediate effect we may cancel the platform. And your service And / or suspend your username and password When we believe that you have violated or acted inconsistent with any conditions or requirements set forth here

8.2 Cancellation by you: You may cancel these Terms of Service by giving advance notice seven (7) days in writing.

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